Sepanta was featured on the back cover and Taking Stock chapter of Jewellery FOCUS Magazine, issue November 2015.
Sepanta is offering its debut collection, Parria, and is calling for Stockists across the U.K and E.U.

“SEPANTA DESIGN: Sepanta is a design-focused British brand, promoting a cutting-edge contemporary take on traditional fine jewellery. Sepanta’s jewellery is the result of an on-going collaboration between a team of multidisciplinary designers, with the best of British high-end jewellery manufacturers.
Sepanta uses the latest technology available worldwide to enhance the production of its locally hand-made jewellery. Sepanta is delighted to present its debut collection – Parria, inspired by the timeless design of the ancient Persian Carpets. Each piece designed to an exceptional style, all together Parria Collection forms a family of sophisticated body-wares. Sepanta is now looking for stockists across the UK and EU.”, Jewellery Focus, Nov 2015, P57

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