Sepanta exhibites in UK’s prestigious Jewellery & Watch fair in Birmingham.
Visit us at stand 17U10 from 7-11 February 2016.

“Sepanta is a design-focused British brand, promoting a cutting-edge contemporary take on the traditional Fine Jewellery. Sepanta is a Fusion; fusion between Fashion and Luxury, and fusion between the avant-garde contemporary design and the world of the beautiful ancient motifs and patterns.

The debut collection of Sepanta Brand, Parria, is inspired by the timeless design of the Persian Carpets. The main motif of each design is an intertwined loop, developed along the invisible lines of a certain pattern. To form the final shape, the loop culminates with two oval heads which, set with precious stones, create a composition of unison.

Parria’s style is defined by a mix of its cocktail statement pieces, the Double Ring, the Earring, the Pendant and the Bracelet, and its daily-wear selection of Rings, Mini-Earnings and Mini-Pendants, which suite any occasion. Each piece is designed to a unique style, and all together Parria Collection forms a family of 17 sophisticated body-wares.

Parria is offered in 4 different colour pallets. The combination of white, yellow and rose gold with quality oval sapphires and small round diamonds will guaranty that you will always find the combination of your choice. The Bracelet and the Ring are also available in white gold with the experimental gun-metal finish. The smaller pieces like the Mini-Earrings and Mini-Pendant have beautiful pair of oval diamonds.

“Parria is the result of an extensive design exercise over a year of experimental make-and-refine process. We made over 60 silver pieces, prior to commissioning the final gold collection, to ensure that the final result exactly meets the qualities defined in the original sketches” says Sepanta. “Our designers use the best of the film production soft-wares to virtually develop a design which is eventually fully handmade. This is a unique process which aims to set a milestone in the fine-jewellery making industry in the 21st century”, J&W, Press.

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