A design-focused British brand, Sepanta Jewellery is the collaboration of international designers from different design disciplines that see design as continuous study of nature and cultures. A fusion between art, fashion and luxury, Sepanta takes the avant-garde of contemporary design and the world of beautiful, ancient motifs and patterns to create its stunning collections of fine jewellery.


The first three collections of Sepanta are inspired by certain motifs and the alluring patterns of Persian Carpets. The lines of the carpet patterns are countless, and by intertwining strata and laying one level on top of another, we can create layers of complexity with a rich combination of colours.

"If not you, then who? If not now, then when? The ability to easily stand out from the grey mass is a guarantee that it is you who will be seen; do not ever forget. A small addition to your appearance can make a much more dynamic move in the universe around you. Wear such jewelry; it's like being in an endless dance ...", Elizaveta Rarog, Rama la Tor Dance Group



"Really sculptural fine jewels from designers with a very prestigious architecture background...”, 

Rachael Taylor, The Jewellery Editor

“British-made Sepanta is created by a design team headed up by architects Yevgeniya Pozigun and Reza Esmaeeli, whose first collection of strikingly bold, contemporary statement pieces, is inspired by Persian carpet motifs...",

Belinda Morris , The Jeweller

"Combining architecture and fine jewellery, Sepanta Design draws on the unique patterns woven into Persian carpets as the inspiration behind its design-focused pieces...”,

Tom Davis, Jewellery Focus

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SEPANTA is a member of The National Association of Jewellers in the UK.